Keeping Our Floors Safe And Beautiful

There is nothing better than having a nice shiny floor.  When we walk into a room and we see the shine from the sun, reflection of the room and a clean natural smell, we have a sense of pride and accomplishment.  The one thing that we don’t realize is that keeping our floors clean, safe and beautiful is a lot of work.  This is why many people will look at commercial floor care in Oklahoma City, OK for assistance.

commercial floor care in Oklahoma City, OK

Remove all debris, furniture and obstacles

The first thing that we need to do is make sure that the surface is cleaned and prepped.  We do this by removing debris such as dirt, paper, boxes, furniture, toys and anything that we basically have in the room.  Once we do this, we will have a blank canvas to work from.

Damp mop

To start the cleaning process, you will want to do a damp mop.  This is a prep cleaning where we will damply mop the floor.  We can also use stronger cleaners to help break up sticky residue and items that are hard to remove.  Thee cleaners can sit on the floor and work out the dirt.


The next thing that you can do is use a floor buffer.  This floor buffer will help strip the floors of compounds that are deep within the surface of your floor.  A buffer will work with different grades of pads that will have different levels of grit to them.  Make sure that you don’t go too high on your grip levels for your type of floor, it may damage them.


After the floors are cleaned and striped you want to add that level of shine to the floor.  This is done by adding a layer of wax.  This wax is a sealant that protects the floor and gives it that extra boost of shine.