No Cure; But There Is Prevention & Control

mosquito control company in Chapel Hill

This may be breaking news to some readers. Strictly speaking, a vaccine is not really a cure. But so it goes that the vaccine for malarial diseases appears to be working. It has been tried and tested for many years now, now used regularly in both private and public hospitals. And so it goes that there are ways and means of preventing heavy mosquito infestations. But for that you need specialist interventions from a privately-run mosquito control company in Chapel Hill.

These specialist interventions could be once-off because no one customer, whether commercial or private, is under any obligation to sign up for a contract. But be that as it may, the contractual arrangement might well be ideal. This of course, would always depend on the customer’s circumstances. Circumstances would depend on the weather familiar to the area in which the business or property owner operates or resides in respectively.

Extreme weather events, for the time being, are something that people need to get used to. Indeed, many are coming to terms with it. They have accepted this harsh reality as a consequence of their contributions towards global warming and climate change. But there are still arguments, particularly amongst the sceptics, that if humankind is at fault, their contributions have been minimal. Indeed, for millions of years already, there was always global warming and climate change.

And of course, millions of years ago, there were no factories or cars on the road. But the point is that currently, the pandemic is still with us. While it may have not happened this time around, mosquitoes have been contributors towards previous plagues. Scientists have documented fossilised accounts. Currently, there is no cure for the virus. But there is prevention and control.